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LunacyMC - a CityWars Tribute

LunacyMC - a CityWars Tribute

As some of you know, Me and some people are attempting to make a tribute/revamped server, similar to Citywars. It will be the same concept, but modernized to everyones liking. I know most CW members who are currently kept up with minecraft miss CW to an extreme, and that is why I am taking most of my time, to dedicate myself to this project. The CW plugins are not found by the owners, so I am on a mission to get everything customly made for the server, it will be mostly CW themed, but with some changes, for the better, and again, more modern for todays standards. Id love for the old CW community and the new one to join me in this project, and bring back the old nostalgic memory we called CityWars. Everyone is welcome to join the discord

I wanna thank the owners of CW, dark and link, as without you, these memories would not have been made, and i would not be trying to re-live them. Please give suggestions in our discord, and donators are extremely appreciated, this project is by no means cheap. 

Thank you all, - beemov

Can't wait to see the server online!

I just wanted to warn you that your discord link is down. I wanted to join the discord but i can't :(
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Thank you Dark, means alot, We are still currently in development, anyone can come check out the server as it develops, it will be up


As for the discord, heres a new link!