Email Notification

Receive an email notification you when you receive an answer on a post.

Profile Page

A new page where we will list all the player options and configurations. We will move the login button into this page and replace the current logout button by the profile page.

The option to activate or deactivate notifications will be in this page.

Youtube Video

Loading all the youtube videos on my cell phone into one page become quickly heavy. I don't want to reduce the amount of post in one page so we could simply load the thumbnail image with a play button on it and when you click on it it will load the youtube iframe so this way the page stay easy and clean to load.


We would like to add back the +1 -1 system for every post on the forum this way you can like or dislike a post.


We had an idea for a cool emoticon system. Where emoticons are made with your skin character and not just some boring emoticons.

Visual notification

Simply store in the session of the user or in its browser the amount of threads during his last visit and then compare the 2 numbers and show the difference with a small notification icon on the corner of the forum category.

This way you know exactly the amount of new post from your last visit.
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Email Notification

Thanks Link for the update. Now if you create a thread and someone post on it you will receive automatically an email notification.