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Radial Inventory

Radial Inventory

You can see here our prototype of radial inventory in development. It's still in the experimental state. I am normally not a big fan of radial menus. They are most of time not easy to use.. so why use them? Well we want to make the game easy to use for controllers and having a normal inventory with a controller suck. So after many tests and studies on the case we decided to try our way with a radial one. We want to create one easy and friendly user way to use it. If we succeed, it might be the easiest way to deal an inventory with a controller.

Right now we are creating the data format that will be used by the server to inform the client what is inside the inventory. We plan to keep it simple for the first version but in the future some items will take more space than others. Exemple, if you put a desk into your inventory it will use many slots compared to a magic ring. So every items will have a space volume.

This is still in an early stage but we should be able to finish an early version this week. We might plan to make stacks of resource really huge. I like having restrain in stacks inventory like minecraft. It forces the player to organise its inventory. Except, its a real pain when you have to manage your inventory with a controller and having to move 300 stacks of 64 wood from chest A to chest B. So it's possible we keep item stacks really big to avoid these kind of things. We really want to keep the game easy in term of its logistic. We would like to make it complex but easy and fun to manage.

We are adding the equipment upper section to the current ui. It's there you will equip your weapon / helmet / armor / food.

Backpack system
If you equip a backpack to your character. You will see it on your skin and it will expand your inventory size. If you place the item inside the backpack section of your inventory and you move your backpack the item will be stored inside the backpack. So you will be able to move a bunch of item together.