FORUM Development Manufactory (Crafting System)

Manufactory (Crafting System)

Manufactory (Crafting System)

Instead of minecraft who has workbench to craft your tool and item. In Citywars Savage each crafting table is called a manufactory and each of them craft different thing.

By example
The saw transform log into plank
The grinder transform ore into its pure dust
The furnace transform the dust into ore

Each manufactory can be connected with each other to create a automatic process of crafting. You can use them individually but the real deal is creating your small automatic manufactory that process resource when you are not online.

You can by example put inside your chest all your Iron ore. If your chest is connected to a grinder the grinder will then process your Iron Ore into Iron Dust. Then if your grinder is connected to a furnace it will process your Iron Dust into Iron Ingot automatically.

The player will be able to own and build manufactory inside is house to process resource. Then you can combine those automatic manufactory with programed blueprint npc who run while your absence your manufactory. So you can by example program in blueprint your character to go mine resource and drop them into the manufactory so your resource will be process. You will event be able to create a npc that sell your processed resource into your shop this way new player can buy them even if your not online.

Manufactory Chest

Store up to 4 stack of resource.
You can use the chest as a buffer for your manufactory to extend the amount of place. It's also used to expend and merge many manufactory to the same line.

Manufactory Furnace


Transform metal ore, metal nugget, metal dust, metal powder into metal ingot.
Mineral can be purified to gain higher quality ingot. When you start the game you can simply convert your metal ore into a metal ingot resulting into bad quality ingot. You can still craft anything that required metal ingot expect your crafting will be less durable. When you start in the game you won't really care about the purity of your metal but once you become a  pro player the quality of your metal used to craft your item will be really important.

Metal ore-> Metal ingot = ratio 10:1
Metal nugget -> Metal ingot = ratio 10:1
Metal dust -> Metal ingot = ratio 100:1
Metal powder -> Metal ingot = ratio 100:1

Manufactory Crusher


Transform metal ore into metal nugget
The grinder is the first step from the metal purification process. It allow you to transform your ore into nugget. If you transform your nugget into the furnace you will gain a purity bonus of 25% for your converted ingot. The crusher is a cheap and easy way to get better quality craftable.

Metal nugget -> Metal ingot = ratio 10:1

Manufactory Crumbler


Transform metal nugget into metal dust
The crumbler crumble your metal nugget into metal dust. You can then transform your metal dust into metal ingot. Every step into the purification process give better quality equipment but cost more and more resource. The conversion state of the crumbler is 100 to 1 to create a ingot resulting into a expensive amount of ore to create one single ingot.

Metal dust-> Metal ingot = ratio 100:1

Manufactory Separator


Transform metal nugget into metal dust
This machine separate the dust into powder making the metal event more pure. With this technique you can achieve a 95% pure metal ingot. This will give you high end quality ingot once transformed into the furnace. It require a high and expensive ratio of ore to turn into ingot.

Metal powder-> Metal ingot = ratio 1000:1

Manufactory Saw


Transform Log into plank
The saw is one of the most important tool considering almost everything in the start of the game will require wood. This saw transform your log into plank who have more utility for crafting.

Log-> Plank = ratio 1:1

Manufactory Grinder


Transform wheat into flour
Quite useful into the food manufacturing process. Flour is used for a lot of nutritious food.

Wheat -> Flour = ratio 3:1

Manufactory Oven


Transform raw food into cooked food
Like the purification system for metallurgy you can cook and transform your food to gain more nutriment from it.

Raw Chicken-> Cooked Chicken= ratio 1:1

Manufactory Assembler


Transform recipe part into real object.
The assembler lets you craft your basic item. t possible to specify the assembler witch item you want it to craft.

More manufactory are currently in development... SOON !

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