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I know I know... we don't post enough about the game. You guys are not informed about all the small content added. Making posts like this one require time. Time that we sometime prefer investing in development but we know its important and we try our best to give you more information.

One of my new friend jonathan who does dev logs videos for is own video game taught me some tips how to do them better and quicker.

So in the next month you should see more video detailing the progress of the game. We installed a small studio to publish more dev video about the progress of the game. Making a video still take time but it worth a lot more than a simple post on the forum. Plus it practice our english and gives you a better idea what the project look like.

You can see here the new installation we built. We use OBS studio to do all the recordings and merge the videos. Exactly like any twitch streamer. It's a lot quicker to simply start recording a video then trying to explain in text what's new in the game. Also videos on any social network get a more attention than a simple text.

We are good developers but terrible at doing Pr and marketing so we have to double the effort in this way.

Here's the first video we have done with the new studio.

The first one is in french since we needed a quick demo of the game to present it to Ubisoft for their next contest but certainly there will be plenty of english ones.

If you have any tips for our dev log your help is really welcome since we are quite new to this kind of videos. Also if you have some time go check jonathan's Facebook page his game is called the Grand Block Odyssey it's worth to give a look.
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Looks pretty good

Hey thanks @ATA_BRad :D We made the light ourselves to save some money. If you check closely you can see they were made with cookie plate XD