FORUM Development Citywars Savage Dev Log A055

Citywars Savage Dev Log A055

Citywars Savage Dev Log A055

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Camera Controller 3.0

So this week we have reworked the camera controller to change the way it behave. It was feeling a bit weird since the last update and we didn't know what exactly was wrong. To explain quickly the old one was built for a controller using only 2 axis. The new one use 3 axis make it a little bit more precise for the mouse.

Camera Filter

The camera filters are filters you can apply on the camera to quickly change the environment without technically changing the environment. These can be applied any time but most of them will be used while changing from different maps.


In the past we had tried to create a knockback while pvping but the previous system was a bit unpredictable and we didn't had the time back then to spend more time on it so we simply deactivated it while presenting the game to different games convention. But to make the pvp enjoyable the knowback system is a big part so this week we worked really hard to create a new one. There is still some work to do on it but as you can see it is a lot better

Voice chat

In the next week/ month we would like to get slowly tester online testing the game with us. The chat was useful to communicate but not as precise has a voice chat. So we have been looking to find a voice chat solution since Citywars Minecraft but never found a cheap and relatively good one. We finally put the hand on awesome voice protocols so we were able to build our own voice chat. Without having huge costs like all professional service available on the internet. We didn't had the chance to test it at its full potential so there is might be more work to do on it.


In our previous server vimon had elemental system to counter damages. Its a system we had planned from the beginning of the game and we are really happy to finally be able to add this into the gameplay. You can mine elemental crystals that provide you the ability to counter on damage versus different elemental entities. Per example, if you have a fire sword and you fight a grass enemy you gain a damage bonus against them.

Text Damage

With the new elemental system it became quickly a problem to understand how much damage you are doing on a certain target. This is why we created the text damage system that allow you to see on the target the amount of damage done and the type of damage. This system will also show your critical hits and everything else.
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Citywars Savage Dev Log A056

List of improvements on the new creative

New ui

All UIs have been updated to make it easier navigating between different objects

Optimised controller

Since creative was developed for the xbox controller, it was simply converted to fit the list of buttons used for the controller. Making the tool hard to handle.

Height tool

This tool can now add or remove height

Global Copy paste

Before copy paste was an extension of some mode. Copy paste is now a fully independent module usable at any time

Global Undo

We had before an undo but sometimes the undo wouldn't work since it had the same problem as copy. Each mode would interpret undo on their own and not globally making some undo unpredictable. So now undo is globally used by every different modes.

Mouse positioning

Before we were using raycast to detect the location of the mouse. This had some perks and some defaults. We decided to try another way by calculating the mouse position around the player to determine the location of its cursor.

Hey is this still played through minecraft?

Hey babyplatypus19 ! Welcome back.

It's a complete new game me and Linkupdated are creating and it will be called Citywars Savage.

This time we will have more control on what we can do. We have plan a lot of awesome features. At the moment we are still creating the base of the game witch is a long process since we want the game to support as much possible many people online.

Awesome sounds good, can't wait for the alpha to launch, if its got any kind of similarity or creativity compared to the original citywars it will be a blast!

Well in our best fantasie we want to include back all our previous feature from Citywars Minecraft but me and link have been working like +2 year on this project and we just recently have a interesting base to work with. Since developing a game from zero is a lot more work then simply modding one we had to recreate a complexe sandbox game from scratch that allow us to mold it at our will. So the development of this one is really tedious and long compared to what we could quickly do with modding minecraft.

I think one important things people will have to understand is that Citywars Minecraft had 7 years of daily modding and developing... To be honest with you I fear people will have huge nostalgic expectation when playing this one and that scare me alot XD I would really like to give them the best experience. Time to time i talk with old player about our previous server and they talk about it like if it was some kind of perfect and mystical game where they forget all its flaw.

I am really proud to see that people remember Citywars Minecraft really high in their esteem. I fear a little bit it will play against us when it will be time for them to try this new game. Me and Link will do our best to give them the best experience but memories are memories. Nostalgia are some time higher than reality. Also don't see this game like a replacement of Citywars Minecraft but a continuity of it.

We are not a big studio... to be fair we are just 2 friend developing together but i really thing we can achievement something big with our concept. Event if we are only 2 what will make this game a success its the support of its community. Me and Link might know some trick but without the help of others this project couldn't be a reality. We invested a lot of passion in our work and i hope it reflect in our game. Thanks a lot for your support.

Haha very true about forgetting about the old servers flaws due to nostalgia, but still to this day I have never found a towny/faction server that offered even close to the creativity that I found on citywars so long ago. As long as this new game has as much passion and creativity I will continue to look forward to it.

Well thanks you so much !

Me and Link always feel a bit apart from other server. We were not in the "cool" circle of server developer. Always like the black sheep of the minecraft community. Our technic and our way where really different from others. Other server owner had tips and information on future development of minecraft directly from mojang, something that we were not able to get, since we were not friend with the good people.

We were in our own little corner developing alone with our toy while everyone else was teaming to create something together. Other developer where helping each other to develop their plugin. Since we were always left behind we had to double in creativity and in ingenuity to step up our server from others.

But i think this is why we were a really special server. I think this is what make Citywars different from other server. This forged our unique character. It was super hard for us in the short run but  it's what make us stronger and better prepared in the long run.

We will do our best to share passion and creativity in this project like we did before.