FORUM Development Citywars Savage Dev Log A058

Citywars Savage Dev Log A058

Citywars Savage Dev Log A058

Here's our progress of this week.

New grass shader

Our new shader allows us to globally map the colors of the grass. Resulting in a lot less trouble to design a map, with some quick and amazing results. The shader is equipped with wind calculation this way we don't have to animate every grass in a map.

Here's our current list of colors maps at the moment

So as you can see the color of the picture is replicated everywhere in the map. Making some grass different from each other without having to manually place each of them with different colors. This prevent us from creating 100 times the same grass object to create a different color for them.

When you will own your city in Citywars Savage you will be allowed to edit that shader. This way you can configure the way your grass look inside your city with one simple and easy setting.

Examples of what you can achieve with this.

Then we use the same technique for the trees, vines and tiles on the map. So you truly have full control over what you want your city vegetation to look like.

Npc behavior

All the npcs were broken from the update with our new tool durability. Npc were not able anymore to do their regular task. This week we updated the blueprint system and added the missing node to be able to program our npc in a way they can craft and equip their new tools.

Our npc blueprints are still far from being noob proof but at the moment you can do a lot of cool stuff with them. When it will be time for you guys to program your own npc I am sure you will have a lot of fun with them even if it risk to take us some time before the system get 100% noob proof. Our blueprint system allow a lot of possibility while creating your npc.

Per example, you can program your npc in a way they will teach to new citizens of your city how to begin. Or you can also create a little militia to guard your city in case of raids from enemy clan. There is a lot of possibility since you can program them by your own.

Here's a little example

Our npc (the girl in green) has the duty to craft weapon (Wooden club) to our guard (the white hair dude)
And the white hair guard has the duty to protect our lumberjack girl.

So to start our npc lumberjack need to craft an axe if she want to be able to cut the tree
She find and pickup 3 stone
Then proceed to go craft an axe into the manufactory axe tool
Once she get her axe she go cut some trees
Then she go craft the club for the guard

The guard is at full time protecting the lumberjack in case of a snake invasion. Together they help each other. The guard alone would have to fight snake with is bare hands and the lumberjack alone would have trouble producing resources without the guard defending her.

This is what look like the blueprint of our green lumberjack

That's the way most of our npcs will be programmed in the game. They all coexist together. Each of them will have their duty

I wish i had more free time in the weekend to make more of these post. I don't always have the time to create them but when i got my weekend free I use it wisely. I hope these help you to get informed on our development. Have a nice weekend !
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