FORUM Development Citywars Savage Prototype Raw Footage

Citywars Savage Prototype Raw Footage

Citywars Savage Prototype Raw Footage

We are about to present our prototype to an event called Migs18. There is still a lot to do before having a standalone playable build but as you can see everyday the game progress further and further.

Like we try to explain in the video on Citywars Savage when you start the game it resemble a lot like any rpg game. Go fetch resources, do crafting, complete quests and level up your character.

But then the more you progress in the game the more you have to edit your environment. At a certain time you will be able to rent your first house. You share it with your friends. Allowing you to own your own stuff. Then slowly with a lot of work expanding your house until it fill all your needs.

Once you got your own house and everything it needs, its time for you to get your first npc that will help you gather resources faster. In Citywars Savage, you don't need to grind resources all day. You can program(with our visual programming tool) your npc to gather resources all day for you. This way you can spend most of your time on many interesting activities offered by the community instead of wasting your time killing the same boss again and again.

Npc gathering cost a lot of resources so to step up your productivity you start using the community at your advantage by creating quests for new players in exchange for money. New players don't understand yet that everything in the game is created by its community so they do quests from city to city. Some offer better rewards than others for their quests so new players try to do most of them. Since you are now a quest maker you try to make sure your quests are fun and profitable for new members this way your quests attract a lot of players interested to do them.

Since you are now a veteran of the game you can finally purchase your own part of the land and build your first city. This time you become the player who sell houses and rent them to new players.

Having a city is great but in citywars city wage wars each other to control resources and power. You will now have to create your own army of npcs to protect your citizens from raiders of other cities. The more power exerce your city the more influence you have and the more players want to fight under your case.

Citywars Savage is a full social experience where players influence players. Where the content of the game is developed by its community. There is some kind of level up for your character but in reality all it's about the respect and influence you exercise in the game and we talk about real influence. Player will respect you for what you provide to them.