The game will be free to play on steam at the end of december.

Keep it mind that it will be a soft ALPHA launch. It's not a full game release. Don't plan to see 1 million players online. It's not what we intend. It's a soft launch to help us to slowly start adding new members and get direct feedback,Testing the game mechanic, stress test the server and helping us to know if the project is in the right direction.

Expect crash, lag, bad optimisation, missing option and unpolished content. It's an alpha version.

We can't set our steam page with an alpha launch so it's writing on steam as an early access.
Pre-Alpha -> Alpha -> Beta -> Early access

Also nothing is sure... The date of the release or anything else can change tomorrow... So don't take everything i said like granted. We are really early in the development of the game and a lot of things might change in the future. One of my fears is that people don't understand the concept of what we are trying to build and start complaining like if it's a full release game. We intend to build the game with the community. Like what we did with Citywars Minecraft. Citywars Minecraft was not built in one day. It took years of development. We added feature after feature with the help of the community participating in the progress of each new content added to the game.

We are a really small team of developers. 2 to be exact. Me and Link are seeking once the game is in alpha to reach player who desire to help us developing content in the game. The sooner the game is accessible online, the sooner we can start to add new player helping us developing the game. We spend those last 3 year develop the base which will allow us to developer with the community over it. We make all the tool to develop the game inside the game. So the first player to join won't really be able to play it. There is approximately 20 min of gameplay at the moment. Which is simply a gameplay test. So hardcore player won't  be able to do anything in the game until more content is added which will be added with the help of the community.

What we want is to integrate players who are interested to help us develop content for the game. At the moment you can create map, write quest, design weapons, create mob behavior and program gamemode. It's a bit like roblox where server owner can create gamemode but on citywars everything will be programed on the main mmorpg server.

Progress on the game will be reset. So don't waste your time playing the game. Being part of Citywars Savage at the alpha is like operating your own personal minecraft server. On your minecraft server you will have to build a spawn area so players can spawn. Configure your plugin so player can have something to do. Qualibrate your economies so the game can be fun. At that point you can't play your minecraft server but you are building the base for your future player and this is exactly what will be Citywars Savage in Alpha phase. We will build a team who desire to help us qualibrating everything.

The alpha launch is not a gameplay launch but more like a developer kit launch. It's a good chance to become part of the game and share your creativity. Thanks for your time and i hope to see you online when the game is available !
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Good ! Thanks man had to wait only 1 more month if everything is good..

Coming Soon?

We are currently waiting for steam to approve our playable alpha demo. We aim the release for 10 January :D

Any more updates? It's the 11th … 

The game is online on Steam and players are flooding in. We sent an Instagram post, Twitter, Facebook, Email to every registered members. Our Instagram feed is also on our Homepage of

Also we released a Demo. On the Steam page you can see a little demo button to download the game. It's on the right just aside of about this game.

Everyone the Pre Alpha demo is out on Steam at
It's far from perfect but we are working day and night to fix all the little problems and bugs!!

Thanks a lot to everyone supporting us :D !!
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