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So happy about this

So happy about this

Wow, so I started playing citywars minecraft around 7 years ago for a good couple of years and that was some of the best memories I have with minecraft. I launched minecraft today for nostalgic purposes I guess and then I see something about a citywars video game. Obviously I was intrigued and decided to take a look at the website to see what this was all about. I am blown away to see that you guys have came from that minecraft server to where you are at today developing your own standalone citywars game. I am genuinely so happy for you guys and i cannot wait to see you around when the game is up and running!

I wish you the best of luck with the development of this game and I hope it becomes a success.

Thanks for taking the time to comment. Your post make me and Link really happy and proud reading this. This is exactly why we work so hard everyday.

We would like to deliver the same type of happiness that Citywars Minecraft brought to newcomers in the past. Before we were just bukkit developers modding minecraft. Today we are on our own project. With all this experience I think we can succeed to release our own standalone game. We have the idea, concept and experience. Now it just require a lot of tedious work and patience to succeed.

This year has been a huge adventure for us since we decided to seriously take the steps to create our own video game. Making your own game is a lot more work than just programing some content for an already existing game. We learn something new everyday. 

We will do our best to try to match the expectation of the community. It's not an easy task since most of people have a high regard of what was Citywars before. For many of them it's directly their childhood where they grew up and that is sacred, nobody can't never touch or replicate that. I know we won't be able to match their memories and nostalgia because Citywars Savage will never be Citywars Minecraft. It's a completely different product.

But with a little bit of chance we will succeed to give them today in 2018 a new way to express themselves. Meet with new people and enjoy a community full of interesting people. Something that they might have a great feeling about. 7 years is a lot of time. Many of our previous players where kids and teenager at that time. Some of them have become grown up. That's crazy when you start to think about it.

Thanks for the good luck you can be sure we will need it !