FORUM Discussion Hopping by to say Hello

Hopping by to say Hello

Hopping by to say Hello

What's up guys,

Hopping by after a few years to see what everyone's up too. A lot has changed I see, no minecraft anymore?

Another username was __Sharkyy. But lost that account.

Wondering if there's some people here that I remember, just wanted to check up on some old friends.

sup mate, i remember ya. 
I still have most my minecraft accounts, lost a few random ones i bought from people ingame (on citywars :wink:)
Nice to see you back.

Hey @__Sharkyy !

Well yeah big change :P We just like restart everything from scratch on our own platform. We are still working on the base of the game but me and link are working like hell to get everything functionable for a alpha version coming soon.

There is still not much to do in the game at this point but slowly every piece are connecting together.

We are having such a hard time developing the game, advertising it and keeping the community up to date of the new changement. Since we are only 2 it get difficult  to get everything done but hey if it was easy we wouldn't be doing it.

I still remember that picture on the cwgag where all your account had a letter writing on their chest XD and you placed them side by side.

Not too sure if anyone will remember me, @Alex12122000. Hoping everyone doing well and can't wait for the release of this new citywars 

Thanks Alex. We have a lot of cool feature incoming ! If we don't die from insomnia XD we should be able to deliver this little baby one day :P


@CreeperJo look what i found in my old minecraft folder. A drawing from a really special person !

Oh dude we fucking loved that pic. I remember you put it in the citywars texture pack as a painting :)

petition to bring back cw gag

Old name was mattrock1. I remember you :)

Now on the right username :) Nice to see you! :)