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Warm Welcome

Warm Welcome

Hello everyone;

its been a very long time since ive come looking at this website and im happy to say that I am more than impressed. Looking forward to seeing many new and old faces alike.

For all of my old CW friends; It'd be awesome to reconnect - if you are interested of course. 


Kodiah - Beardozer - Vaecia - JohnxCena and any other aliases I may have forgotten

Welcome back !

Thanks we are working super hard to keep the community alert on our development. At the beginning we were doing monthly email that we send to our member but those email where taking sometime 1 day to assemble so we quickly stop doing them after few month.

Then we started posting on the forum but still those long and detailed post required a lot of time to do so same result we stop doing them.

Then one day we got a presentation at ottawa on how to administrate your social media and we learn that instagram was second worldwide after facebook. Facebook was first but... facebook doesn't give us good result until today.

When i think instagram i think girl on a beach but ironically instagram work really well for us so we started to adopte instagram as our main publication platform and make it our official news. Its quick and easy to do witch is great because we have so much trouble informing others on what we are working.  Then we added a module to the website to make sure the site stay update for those who visit our website.

I thinks at the moment for our need  its the best way we figure out to keep the community alert on what's going on. We also try to do time to time youtube video explaining in detail what is going on but those require more time and require more content to show.

Last 2 week we didn't produce any video since we didn't have any new content that we can show on a video maybe with some chance this week we will finish the new item database and release a youtube video about it.

We do our best to keep the community informed of any progress so thanks talking about it in your post and like always i am super happy to see familiar face reconnecting on Citywars.

I would love to reconnect! Most cw people knew me as mattrock1 (perhaps that rings a bell). I remember seeing you online a lot :D