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Just thought I’d check back on progress, really cool to see new gameplay videos!

I just read dark’s response to why the original citywars server is not up (good read btw on RuthlessMiner’s post) and he made a really good point about the community

Citywars was never really about Minecraft; I remember a friend showing me the server back in 2011 or 2012 i think and it just being a super fun and unique experience; half the time I’d go online just to talk to people. Random memories include group raids, arenas, casino, and just hanging out at ospawn and other people’s cities. I might have to dig up some old screenshots when i got home for Christmas.  But point being is that the community made it great.

I really hope this game can bring a lot of the community back.  It would be so cool to reconnect with people somehow. It’s weird being in college and looking back at my childhood and realizing parts of it I can’t return to (I’m super nostalgic). Even weirder is knowing everyone is living their own lives. Would anyone be willing to make a Facebook group or something? (Also be sure to follow the citywars savage Instagram) Regardless, it would be cool to reconnect.  

I hope development continues to go well, good luck guys!
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Hey ATA_BRad I wanted to awnser sooner but me and link where at a event, presenting the game to find funding  We didn't sleep much in the last few day but still the first thing I wanted to do when i would get back was answering your message.

Thanks you so much for these word. It give us to me and link a lot of courage to success that event. I was really please to read it.

The event was for us a important business meeting where we were able to get in touch with important publisher of the industry. We success to meet few of them present at the event and from those who see our project they were all impressed by it. Those are really good news for us and can lead to many great opportunity.

Also I would definitely love to get more in touch and see everyone back. We have a Facebook groups but Facebook doesn't work so well for us. I think Our kind of community doesn't  really use Facebook. Plus there is already a Facebook page and it's not used at all XD

If you figure a solution lets me know.

Time for me to get some sleep ! We should post in the next week more information about the game. There was a lot of progress on the recent week and a lot more to come ! Thanks everyone and thanks again ATA_BRad.

Oh my! I WOULD LOVE TO RECONNECT! Citywars minecraft was my first EVER server experience. A friend showed me it back in 2011 as well and I have loved it ever since. Throughout its life I was in and out because of school under multiple names: tmboosters, R3__BORN, ProtectoR, tmcayden, thomriddle, etc. So people know me as a lot of different names. Nevertheless, I am an OG citywars member like you BRad! I am very nostalgic as well with citywars and it will always have a spot in my heart when it comes to gaming. I am going to try to stay updated on CityWars Savage but I am still very busy with school still. If there is anything I can do to help out Dark or Link please let me know! I won't be a huge help on the funding side, but I would love to just mess around and test for bugs or anything if you'd like that! 


If you would like to contact me, my instagram account: tmcayden. Please request to follow me and send me a message that you are from citywars or I will not add you! 

Much love! (tmboosters, thom or whatever the heck you know me by haha)


Well we always need some help. It's a big project. We started here and everyone's help is welcome. Testing or building will definitely help.

We are redoing our crafting system to make it more versatile so right now the game is broken until we finish that update and christmas is not helping us. 

But the game should be back pretty soon!
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