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Man, I remember this server, playing in 2012/2013. I was just talking to Nathan as that's the only person I still talk to from CityWars and got told about this new project and checked it out, looks pretty cool and hope the best of luck.
I mainly stopped by to get the memories back of the server as this was the thing I loved the most when I was younger, getting home from school and playing CityWars, still kind of sad the Minecraft Server did shut down but I always knew it was going to happen.

I hope the best of luck with CityWars Savage and I will be checking it out when it is launched, I hope to also see a few of the original members there :).

Hey big thanks to you for taking the time to said these things. It always feel good to see old member back and reading about being part of their childhood.

I don't said this enough but we should get a alpha prety soon XD We have made many change recently to our gameplay with the recent arrival of few new game. Witch has delay our previous estimate delivery time for the demo. But Soon !!!