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Saying hey

Saying hey

Hey old friends how are you

I don't remember which Alt is smod.  xD What was your main account ?

hi friend!

How it feel like greeting old member on the forum XD

its me wonderwaffe im very old 

Hey wonder ! Are you finally a engineer ? Last time we spoke you tell me you where studying to be one.

Haha hey dark, unfortunately not. I dropped out but i finished my carpentry apprenticeship and now i build and sell houses for a living. I barely have any time for games anymore :(

Oh i understand you so much :P. I don't have time anymore to play video game myself ironically. Event if i am a game developer XD

I worked a long time in carpentry before we open Citywars Minecraft. I really loved that job expect with our winter here in canada it transform that lovely job into a real nightmare stuff. That why i stopped.

At that time I was just building them the fact that you build and sell them proof your smarter ! Anyway engineering is boring so you make the right choice.


Probably Skyped you more than anyone else on the server back in the day, good shit. Glad all is well down under.

Well Citywars Savage has a voice chat directly in-game. (Still fairly glitchy XD but soon should work properly) I hope we get to talk more in the future !

Hey flaze xx how are you doin.
When the server goes up ill be happy to stop by and have a chat. And if i got time ill start playin, ill keep lookin and checkin the progress in the meantime and looking forward to talkin to everyone