FORUM Discussion Well, hello there

Well, hello there

Well, hello there

So glad to see so many old names so many years later! CW Minecraft was a big part of my life for a long time, and I'm sure many feel the same. Very excited for this new game, I've been checking the progress every few months but haven't dropped in to say hello.

Best regards to all, looking forward to reconnecting with a community I cherished. 

Towards the end of my time on CW I had a bit of a falling out with the community (I believe I was perma-banned on one occasion lmao), so I'd like to take this time to express some regret about my immaturity back then and turn a new leaf.

Best of luck to the devs and the team helping them with playtesting, bugfixing, etc. Can't wait for the final product!

Recalling some highlights of my time from CW (that I remember, at least);

Skywars, (mixed feelings about that one), Kratora v.2 and 3 (I see Cyan has been enlisted to help the team, shoutout to him for amazing work on those projects), the Finity-Persia, Finity-Centra, and Finity-Templar wars (the height of Minecraft PvP for me), working on Dark's underground bunker Finity project, the many builds I made for the server (Forge, Eternal Forest, RPG map, bunch of other stuff), and helping to moderate the community in many capacities over the years. Many other memories, maybe I'll dig through my old screenshots folders at some point.

Most of all I loved Skyping and playing with you all. Played on the server during my formative years (I was probably 12 when I started playing? Maybe 16 or 17 when I stopped playing regularly), and the community was always the defining part of the game for me.

Question directed at the devs; what are your plans for macOS compatibility, if any? (filthy casual here)
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Well, I would like to say yes about MacOS, but me and link doesn't have any apple product which will make the conversion extremely difficult to test. So it's a no for the moment, but that can be a possibility in the future when the game gets stable on window, then we could start exploring macOS and Linux version.

Maybe one night we could export a version and test it with you since we develop with unity technically exporting the game for mac should be relatively easy, except.... I highly suspect some of our shader and other stuff risk to be completely incompatible with mac causing big trouble while running the game.

If by any chance you have some free time. Write me a nice story about the creation of your city Kratora. I am looking to add some old city of citywars minecraft in Citywars Savage.

Will do! I wrote quite a lot of CW lore, maybe I find some old word docs on the laptop I used back in the day. I didn't write on Kratora exclusively, tons of stuff about the most active cities, or rather cities that I was directly involved with; Exodus, Finity, RedSky, Persia, Atlantis, Mizu State (perhaps you recall Dnaw's exlusive PvP city), Templar, Trium (ancient project about origins of Kratora Finity and Exodus, perhaps you can vaguely remember an underwater dome I built), etc

If you're interested, I'm pretty preoccupied with writing nowadays, mostly plays but also fiction. If you can jog my memory of cities you want to include in the game, I'd be more than happy to flesh out a world to backdrop the gameplay with cities reminiscent of citywars minecraft.

Example; I recall that RedSky and Finity were at odds with one another, both being AI based cities with different philosophies and objectives. The dynamic between the two cities impressed me back then not only because the lore was robust, but because there were ramifications in the game (Finity's underground bunker design to keep it hidden and protected in one of it's versions, the RedSky invasion story arc, discovery of new planet (or alternate reality?) that resulted in the server). Your ideas were fantastic, and I'm thrilled to see how you bring them to life in this new game.

The Kratoran Empire (capital being Kratora), who's lore was I most familiar with after I wrote a ton following the integration of religion into the game, was a warring expansionist nation, valuing strength in all its forms above all other virtues. Kratora prided itself on bringing differing cultures together and uniting under the idea of cooperation for mutual good. They were not a good society, nor a bad one. In this fiercely patriotic society, individualism was looked down upon and citizens of the empire made sacrifices, in battle or by other means, for the common good of the Kratoran people.

I'll be sure to upload some lore in the coming week in a separate thread, and if you'd like me to write some lore for other cities you want to integrate, send me an email at the address I registered with about your feelings about those cities and their culture and I'll cook something up, I've always been invested in citywars lore.

On a related note, I've quickly skimmed through the forums and haven't seen much discussion of lore for the game (I haven't yet had the time to watch your dev blogs, perhaps you've addressed lore in those). One of the strongest points of citywars minecraft for me was the lore that you (the admins) created as well as the lore that the players created for their own cities. Each major city (whether it be the abomination Kiros made with Cloudsdale, or a respectable and reputable city spanning many map versions like Kryptic's Templar) had a culture reflected in the architecture as well as the citizen requirements (house plot restrictions and building styles, donation or recruitment requirements, roles within the city, you get the point).

I really, really hope you plan to reflect Citywars' history in the game by including some of the storylines that spanned across many maps; the Finity / RedSky story was and still is a brilliant concept that I know you held dearly, and veteran players came up with some great ideas that became canon over the years (I remember cities with great buildings like DrasLeona and Arkavis, warring cities like Persia and Centra, themed cities like Templar, again, you get the point).

I could really see Citywars Savage having stories as strong as those in an MMO like World of Warcraft, and additionally the creation of player-founded cities and stories that you can integrate would add something unique to this project. Hopefully you retain the philosophy of the server through the lore, and reflect that through locations and quests. The gameplay looks great, but in my opinion, aesthetic and narrative are what kept players returning year after year.

I'll post my Kratora story soon. Sorry for the long read, just some feedback that mirrors my experience with the server, hopefully you find it helpful. Cheers!

Also love the meme :) "General Flazestar" was actually a running joke between pishposh117 and I back in the day haha

Christ that is a long wall of text. I'd better get back to writing my midterm essay...

Wow, I never fully appreciated how much lore was behind all that! It's really cool that you're into playwriting now and I'd love to hear updates every now and then about how that's going! My primary username on cw minecraft was mattrock1, so most people know me by that. I just composed a new discussion on the forum recapping some of my highlights throughout the years; you should check it out! :)

There, got the username right this time :) Cheers!

I really want to honor some old city of citywars. (Some i prefer to forget the lore like Cloudsdale XD). That would be so nice to get someone to help on that part. I remember most of the city of citywars minecraft but I don't have all their inner story and small detail. I have asked sniper recently to write about is old city but he disappears from the surface of the earth after I ask him XD.

The whole story of Citywars Savage is quite complex and I want to emerge the player piece by piece into it. Like it start really innocently and get deeper and darker. I want it to start like everything is beautiful and simple and the more you progress the more you learn about this complex world that you live in.

Happy you loved the meme :P I will keep a eye on the forum to see that Kratoran Empire story from you.

pretty crazy to see you guys making your own game. i just downloaded mc again and checked to see if you guys were still kicking, and was dissapointed to see cw gone. decided to check the forums to see what happened. very cool to see some old heads talking about old cw, and even some of the stuff i helped make. 

similar to flaze i played a long time in my early - mid teens, met a lot of people here. had a lot of fun making friends and talking to people. i still vaguely remember a bunch of peoples usernames, the cities and how they were too, pretty crazy after like 5 (? or more) years.

on a side note being smod gave me my decent typing speed, and it makes me laugh when i think about it. 

Yeah we closed our Minecraft server like 2~3 year ago.  It's so nice that we are part of so many people childhood.

I still have that image i had made before you get promoted to get people to vote for you as mod XD

I hope to see you back on Citywars Savage. Me and link are working really hard to get everything done. Making our own video game is a lot more work then modding minecraft :P

Love you flaze baby
glad to see yall again
- Night_reborn