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       It's been a while, CityWars!

       My, my, the nostalgia is quite strong. For those of you who don't know me, I was an active member on the Citywars Minecraft server beginning in 2011, which was 8 years ago from the time of writing this (2019)! The first account I played under was superdink25, where I established my humble beginnings as a member of NoobCity and acquired my first basic class and race. I soon became a citizen of the city of Glade, run by ActingSwine and shbliver. After that next map reset, I took some time off and then came back (I believe either in late 2012 or early 2013) under the username mattrock1. That's when I think I really made my name known, as I played much more consistently and ended up achieving a high rank in the city of Scogliera, owned by hobobob123456789 and co-run by nickyhands. Along the way, I also enjoyed participating in the first "hub" games introduced to the server, Deathrun and Zombies. After the following server reset, I joined the city of Revolution, and quickly climbed up its ranks to become the city's Chief Lieutenant. I forget the username of the person who owned it, but the co-owner's name I remember to be CptCorndog. These were the two cities I was most well known for, at least until the next reset. 
       After that update, I joined the admin-owned city of Finity, managed by austinc3, and established residence within its outpost, which I believe was the first one ever to be made on Citywars when the outpost feature was introduced. During that era, I was known to be an avid collector of player heads, items which were also newly introduced to the game. I eventually became Captain of Finity alongside austinc3, and spent my time there making improvements to the outpost. When I wasn't working there, I occupied my time gambling at magib1's casino or fighting in the PvP Arena. This era also saw the debut of ChunkWars, so I did find myself participating in a few of those along the way against rival cities. 
       Shortly following this time was what I refer to as Citywars's "dark era." Although great achievements were made in the realm of newly introduced features like SkyWars and the RedSky update, the infamous TrooperJoe7 fiasco unfolded. Although many people protested his perma-ban, there was no doubt that he was a negative influence on the community and that he broke too many rules. Although his ban was definitely a positive thing, it sparked protest and harsh words exchanged between people on both sides of the situation for several weeks following. Players were leaving the server and its overall mood was rapidly deteriorating. Fortunately, though, things got a lot better once the new ospawn became open to the public.
       The amount of players online the first day the new ospawn was introduced reached a record high. Everyone was becoming happier and the server entered a new era of prosperity. As for my situation, because school and life were getting really busy for me, I decided to take most of that year off from CityWars, and joined back later the next year. 
       This began the final era for me on Citywars Minecraft, when I joined the glorious city of KaerMorhen, owned by Smilingbird and co-owned by riles_0_rama. This was the city I was arguably most proud of, as I made tons of building improvements to its outposts and infrastructure, as well as helped participate in highly successful raids against rival cities. I was eventually granted the title of owner and had a lot of fun continuing to improve the city and recruiting new members. In my spare time, I enjoyed playing the CityWars adventure maps as well as training the newly introduced Vimons. I was also granted privileges to the Atlas realm by server owner Darkirby3, where I helped build some structures that became implemented into the Vimon map.
       After this, I took some time off again to deal with the ever-increasing amount of obligations life presents one with as one grows older, and when I came back to play, the server had been deleted. I still don't really know what happened to it or why it got deleted, but I have never heard from any of the players since, as the website also got shut down. That is, until I stumbled across it today. If anyone can provide me a brief narrative as to what exactly caused CityWars to disappear so suddenly, I would love to know. Most of all, though, I love seeing some familiar names back again and the website up and running with an exciting new game!
       Thanks to everyone who has made my CityWars experience tremendous so far, and here's to 8 more years of prosperity!

       -LamboLover57 (mattrock1)

       P.S. here are some other usernames I forgot to mention of people I enjoyed on CityWars Minecraft:

Sorry mat i miss your post. I try to keep track of everyone who post to give them a good salutation on their arrival but somehow i miss that one :/

If you want to know a little bit more about what happen to citywars. I write to RuthlessMiner a little bit about what happen to citywars.
If you want more information i could take more time soon to explain in detail what happen.

Thanks for your story i really enjoy reading it. I hope to get back one day a server like atlas and get people involved on many project !

Thanks Dark!

I really appreciate you taking the time to read my long story. When I was younger I would always look forward to playing CityWars after school or during weekends. I'm so happy that I can reunite with this wonderful community!

Also it makes sense why you ended up doing away with cw Minecraft. The expenses, combined with supporting old and incompatible plug-ins, would definitely seem like too much to handle.

Anyway it is so good to hear from you! I can't wait to see what CityWars Savage is like!!!

Well we are currently experimenting with our quest system. There is still so much work to do XD The 3 last week have been really busy adding new module and fixing the current one in hope to get a strong base to begin real quest in the game.