FORUM Discussion Citywars 9 years later

Citywars 9 years later

Citywars 9 years later

I was a very active player on the Minecraft server 9 years ago. I just searched up my old favorite server and I am so happy to see it thriving and developed into its own game. This brings back so many crazy memories and I would just like to congratulate everyone involved in this. Crazy to see some names that I vaguely remember such as Flazestar (the mod) and Stroyclim who If I am correct, used to always destroy me and my friends and was our arch-enemy ahaha. Once again, congratulations on all of this and I am excited to eventually try the game out!

Hey welcome back to Citywars :D It's such a nice feeling to see old players coming back talking about their nostalgie.

Damn If you are truly from 9 year ago you see a lot of Citywars grow over the years xD. Can't wait to talk with you online. Also forums are not very popular these days. We open the forum when we begin the creation of the game to make it easier to connect with the community but with all those new application to stay in contact forum seem to be the less appreciate one :P

I suggest you try discord We got a lot of old members back there. You are welcome to join us :D