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Community Involvement

Hey guys!

I noticed that there really wasn't an active subreddit or Discord for the game yet. I've helped setup several subreddits and discord servers for other games like Sea of Thieves, an indie game called Flashing Lights and another one called ISLANDERS. I love doing stuff for/with gaming communities so I went ahead and made both. I'd love to have it "officialized" :)



Big thanks to @Codeh to fully set up our new discord and reddit page. Codeh will help us managing the community on these plateform.

I am quite a noob with discord but i am going to learn how to use it :P it will be easier then slack to get in touch with everyone. Our feed instagram is also fully integrated into the update section so we can keep a good continuity on our update feed.

I like a good old forum but people seem to be scared to post on this one XD so i hope it get easier for you guys to get in touch with us ! If you have any question Me and Link are accessible on discord. Come said hello ! Everyone is welcome :D