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Map designer

Map designer

We are searching skilled builder who would like to help us building the map. There is still not creative / survival mode in the game but once it's done map builder will get access to creative mode to build on the official map of the game.

If you already worked on Citywars Minecraft on the server atlas it will work a bit in the same way. Each map of the project will administrate by is project leader and you will be given access to the location of the map. There will be probably in the future a special section on the website to manage and detail each project.

Your task

Testing the build system
Experimenting with it
Reporting any incident/bug/trouble/optimisation found


Access to map under construction
Creative on these map


A online and quick formation on how to use every tool.

I would like to help with this. I played the old mod and remember the feel of the maps. I also have game design/ map design experience with unity projects I have worked on. 

Hey we already have many interested people to help us testing the gameplay. My only problem is there is currently no gameplay at all XD So i told everyone to wait until we have a actual gameplay.

But if you want to help us building new map that is a totally different things. I prefer warning you, tools are not easy to use. You might rage quit a lot. Since we are still in alpha there is a lot of bug and problem but some help would definitvely be handy.

Is it okay if i use the email you registered on Citywars to send you a alpha key ? Also do you have a link to those map you designed on other unity projects. I would be really interested to see them.

I'd like to apply for the role of map designer and to a lesser extent quest maker. 
I've played minecraft since its earliest release (pre-indev). Although I admit I have never heard of the citywars mod/server...

I've been an admin on some of the largest server groups including enderkraken (admin+ with ftp access for around 2 years, they had 500+ players daily) and kooky craft (mod for around 2 years, admin for around 6 months, they had 200+ daily players).
Both of these roles including building the spawn areas and shops/etc. as each server required. 

I've also been a head builder on a couple of pixelmon servers, I believe this is a similar role to what you're looking for. 

I've also been an admin/moderator on more smaller servers than I care to remember.

I have exceptional attention to detail, though this also means my builds can take longer than normal to complete. 

On the subject of quest maker I'm exceptional with English grammar/spelling, I'm good with creating dialogue/balanced quest chains/challenging quests/etc. though the actual npc design would probably have to fall to someone else.

I studied computer science at university, where my best module was VR, the study of how people interact with user interfaces when given options/etc. For example when given a scale of 1-5 as an answer, you're more likely to hit 1,3 or 5, the extreme lowest; highest or middle, while given a scale of 1-7 you're more likely to pick an accurate answer, this is important when it comes to quest design but also with building layouts/etc. 

Contact me on discord. I am truly interested to get you in our team.

We start this week building map and quest.

Also myself and Link are french Canadian so our english is far from being perfect. You could be really handy XD